At Fight Fit Dojo classes are available in Traditional Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
Tae Kwon Do and MMA Basics

Blessington Kenpo Karate Club

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MMA Basics & Fitness

Established in 2005, Blessington Kenpo Club provides training in Traditional Kenpo Karate. Under the guidance of senior Sensei Len Stokes and with 6 senior Black Belt instructors, the Club provides a wealth of experience in martial arts and self defence training. Blessington Kenpo Club is an Internationally recognised martial Arts Club and is affiliated to the IMAC (Irish Martial Arts Commission) and WKS (World Karate Society).

Classes for self defence and karate are available for children, aged 5 and upwards and for seniors from ages 16 and upwards.

The children's programme is geared towards fun, self confidence, personal safety, discipline and all round wellness. It boasts the largest tradtional karate junior membership in the country.

Kenpo is a very street-safe martial art and adaptable for all ages and fitness and ability levels. Beginning at White belt, students work through the exam/grading structure to  eventually grade for Black Belt.

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One of the most popular classes at Fight Fit Dojo, MMA Basics & Fitness is a class covering the basic skills for MMA fighting and the fitness element involved in training to compete in a very demanding sport.
Carried out in a very safe manner, students can learn many elements from the fundamentals of the "stand-up" to "ground fighting", while incorporating the very high level of fitness training that goes hand in hand with learning Mixed Martial Arts.
Under the guidance of Senseis Len Stokes and Darrin Bell, this module has been taught internationally to adults and children alike. This class is also ideal for anyone wishing to train without the added pressure of gradings/exams. It is very popular with ladies and gents alike and is one of the most enjoyable classes at Fight Fit Dojo.
This is suitable for anyone, and requires no previous martial arts knowledge.
There are classes from ages 11-15 and also from 16+

Blessington Jiu Jitsu Club

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Blessington Tae Kwon Do Club

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Commencing in 2015 at Fight Fit Dojo, Blessington Jiu Jitsu Club is rapidly expanding as one of the most popular martial arts today. With its senior Black Belt instructor (Maciek), comes a vast knowledge of a very intricate and practical self defence system. Internationally accredited for competing and teaching, Maciek and his team guide all students in a safe and diligent manner, producing highly skilled practitioners.

BJJ is a predominantly "ground" based martial arts, focussing on locks, holds, chokes and submissions, to subdue an opponent.
Whether for competition or general fitness, enjoyment and self defence, Blessington Jiu Jitsu Club is highly recommended. (From ages 12+)

CONTACT: 0894977480

Also based in Fight Fit Dojo, is Blessington Tae Kwon Do club.  Affiliated to the Republic of Ireland Tae Kwon Do Association, and under the tutelage of Master Floyd Keane. This is martial arts style hails from Korea and is open to children and adults alike. 

CONTACT: 0868541889