Student & Corporate Team Building Self Defence Programmes

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Street Defence Module:
Fight Fit Dojo has tailored a programme that has been incredibly successful for a street defence scenario (and in particular for women's street defence), with widespread courses for students in schools and for several external bodies and independent individuals who have participated. The programme is a basic self/street defence programme designed for safety in the modern world.
The module layout is as follows:
  • Introduction
  • Safety Awareness and Passive Defence
  • Basic Anatomy and The Central Nervous System
  • Body Mechanics and Body Alignment Mechanisms
  • Posture and Balance Awareness
  • Strike Variations
  • Common locks, grabs and holds
  • Defence from Surprise Attack
  • Attacks from the rear or side
  • Basic Ground Defence
  • Basic legalities of self defence
  • Debrief and questions

This takes approximately 3 hours. 
Particularly in an age where, sadly, violent conduct is becoming all the more prevalent, this course  benefits people of all ages and all walks of life.

There is also the option of Fight Fit Dojo Instructors visiting external locations to teach these courses.