Student and Women's  Self Defence Programmes

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Street Defence Module:
Fight Fit Dojo has tailored a  programme that has been incredibly successful both for a women's street defence programme, students in schools and for several external bodies and independent individuals who have participated. The programme is a basic self/street defence programme designed for safety in the modern world.
The module layout is as follows:
  • Introduction
  • Safety Awareness and Passive Defence
  • Basic Anatomy and The Central Nervous System
  • Body Mechanics and Body Alignment Mechanisms
  • Posture and Balance Awareness
  • Strike Variations
  • Common locks, grabs and holds
  • Defence from Surprise Attack
  • Attacks from the rear or side
  • Basic Ground Defence
  • Basic legalities of self defence
  • Debrief and questions

This takes approximately 3 hours. 
Particularly in an age where, sadly, violent conduct is becoming all the more prevalent, this course would benefit young students and women on a large scale.

There is also the option of Fight Fit Dojo Instructors visiting external locations to teach these courses.